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Unlocking the world of Export Controls & Sanctions EVERY Week

What is the magazine "The Export Controls & Sanctions Manager" all about? We explain

Export control legislation regulates the export of goods, software, and technology. Certain items could potentially be useful for purposes that are contrary to the exporting country's interest. These items are considered controlled, and their export is regulated to restrict their harmful use. Many governments implement export controls that classify the controlled items and their destinations, requiring exporters to apply for a license from the local government department.

Different jurisdictions subject a wide range of goods to export control, including arms, goods with military potential, cryptography, currency, precious stones or metals, and more. Some countries prohibit the export of uranium, endangered animals, cultural artefacts, and goods in short supply.

Sanctions are commercial and financial penalties that states or institutions apply against states, groups, or individuals. Economic sanctions disrupt economic exchange to attempt to change an actor's behaviour or stop them from certain actions. Sanctions can target an entire country or individuals or groups, which may be referred to as "smart sanctions." Examples of economic sanctions include trade barriers, asset freezes, travel bans, arms embargoes, and financial transaction restrictions.

Export controls and sanctions are important topics for many readers, which is why we created a separate magazine for them.

Every Tuesday morning at 6 am, you will receive an email notification with all the news, changes in guidance, laws, and other information related to export controls and sanctions. Our team updates this magazine every week, ensuring thorough coverage of the topic.

We value your feedback, so please don't hesitate to send us your comments via email.

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