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Customs Manager's Videocast: Rules of Origin Unlocked (FULL)

Ask the Expert 30-min full interview with Arne Mielken on how importers and exporter can get rules of origin right and maximize duty savings in Free Trade Agreements.

Rules of Origin in Trade Agreements can be complicated. We help our subscribers to understand the principles behind Rules of Origin.

In this latest videocast, former business journalist Paul Mullins grills Arne Mielken, Founder of Customs Manager Ltd on all matters of Rules of Origin in Free Trade Agreement. Watch the entire 30-Minute videocast here.

Some of the topics they discuss include:

  • What are the rules of origin and who do they apply to?

  • How do you establish the origin of your goods and qualify for duty-free trade?

  • What are the major stumbling blocks and what common mistakes do businesses make?

  • How do you make out a correct statement of origin, supplier declarations etc and where should they go?

  • What if you can’t establish the origin of your goods? How else can you save duty/costs?

  • What is a BOI how do you qualify?

  • What other advice on RoO can you offer exporters?

  • This is a three-part series. Make sure you don’t miss any.

Rules of Origin Hub

Access explainer blog entries, educational webinars, guidance, checklists and more.

Training on Rules of Origin

Chose from three different live or on-demand pieces of training to get all your Rules of Origin questions answered

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