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Overpaid Anti Dumping Duty? Here is how to get your money back!

(S) You have paid anti-dumping duty, and now it turns out it was unjustified? You are due a big refund! If you know how to recover is how

In a nutshell

Authorities will usually reimburse anti-dumping duties paid where the dumping margin, on the basis on which duties were established, has been eliminated or reduced. It involves an investigation into the exporting producer’s exports to the Union and a calculation of a new dumping margin.

Who can apply for a refund?

Any importer who paid anti-dumping duties upon import may apply for a refund.

Watch out for deadlines

Typically, applications must be submitted within six months of the date when the amount of the anti-dumping duties were set. That is the date of notification of the customs' debt. The submission must be where the goods were imported.

The exporter must collaborate

Successful completion of a refund application is not only dependent upon the cooperation of the applicant but also on the cooperation of the exporting producer. The applicant has to ensure that the exporting producer submits a completed questionnaire covering a wide range of commercial data and accepts the examination of such information including a verification visit.

Download the form to complete and the information to provide below.

Assessing the merits of an application

Authorities may will contact the exporting producer and request information on its normal value and export prices for a given representative period. The application will only be considered duly supported by evidence when all requested information and the completed questionnaires (including replies to any material deficiencies that may have been identified) have been received by the authorities

Getting the money

The excess amount to be reimbursed to the applicant will normally be calculated as the difference between the duty collected and the dumping margin established in the refund investigation, as an absolute sum.

The reimbursement should normally be paid by the country where anti-dumping duties were determined and later collected within 90 days of the date of the notification of the refund decision.

For more information of how it works in the EU, download the guidance by the EU Commission:

CELEX_52021XC0407(02)_EN_TXT - Anti Dump
Download • 1.35MB

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