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France-UK: Eurotunnel Border Clearance

(S,P) To cross the Euro tunnel from France to the UK, there is a prerequisite to declare goods to customs prior to embarkation. Find out about the Border Pass.

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Eurotunnel Border Pass Presentation
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Formalities are to be done for Export and for Import in order to leave France for import into the UK. Formalities are systematic, inspections cover only a few per cent of traffic.

The haulier has to ensure that the goods they carry have completed the necessary formalities before crossing. A large part of these formalities will have been done by the shippers or their customs brokers.

To cross the border from France to UK - and vice-versa, the following information will be required:

  • Customs references (e.g. Transit MRN barcodes, Goods Movement Reference – GMR…)

  • Mandatory sanitary references (SPS Sanitary or Phytosanitary if applicable)

  • Safety and security references (e.g ENS, ICS, ECS…)

For speed and convenience to save time, the Euro tunnel operates the system called "Border Pass" for French border clearance to the UK.

According to the companies' requirements, businesses can either send data to Eurotunnel in advance or just turn up with your border references. Alternatively, the driver just turns up at the terminal with the relevant references without sending information in advance.

The system has advantages: The driver can simply pick up their loads without the need to have physically their documents. The drivers save time on their terminals as there is no need to scan their documents at the entry of the Euro tunnel. Objective: Increase the speed of the customs data collection on their terminal.


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