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How to avoid delays, stop duty payments, and fix incorrect customs declarations from the start

No more snafus! There will be no extraneous duties! There will be no more wrongly filled Customs Declarations. We'll explain how!

Houston, we've got a problem…

Let's face it, you realize it, too, don't you?

Your customs broker is not up to the task. They are unable to get their goods through customs as quickly as you require, and they are unable to respond to any of your queries efficiently and quickly. They seemly can't figure out why they're having so much trouble getting their items through customs.

There is turmoil in paradise...and you, as the person in charge of managing your brokers and clearing items through customs, must intervene.

But how exactly? How can you assist them if they don't appear to recognise themselves?

The consequences are disastrous for you business, and they appear to be getting worse...

  • Shipments are being held up.

  • You're facing hefty duties and can't seem to bring them down;

  • You're not sure whether your customs declarations are being done correctly,

  • You get the impression that your customs broker is just not up to the task.

  • You have difficulty comprehending them since they frequently talk in riddles.

  • They are failing to follow out your commands.

We need an intervention here and fast.

Now you can effectively instruct your Customs Broker - With Our High-Impact Online Training Course to

  • Reduce transportation delays

  • Lower your duty expenditure to nil

  • Comply with the standards for customs declaration completion

  • Excel at the next customs audit

  • Manage your brokers well so that they don't require any assistance

  • Save time by focusing on more significant activities

​Join our five-part training blended online & LIVE! programme for customs managers, import and export experts, and freight agents and customs brokers who deal with freight agents and customs brokers to offer instructions on how to customs clear your items.

Customs Agents Are Vital For Your Global Trade Growth

Customs Agents or Representatives are required for global enterprises to enter or exit a country. Choosing the proper ones and communicating with them about how you want products cleared is critical for global expansion.

Here is what you walk away with

Our training gives you practical information and the finest guidance on how to properly teach your customs agent how to follow instructions and assess their efficacy. There will be 5 training units to be studied online - providing maximum flexibility to study whenever and wherever. Students can ask questions anytime using the chat function or e-mailing their tutor directly.

This is followed by a LIVE session with your trainer.

Here is an overview of the 5 online parts that you will study

PART 1: What is a customs agent? Direct vs. Indirect Explained. Explore what they can and cannot do for you.

Customs brokers, in the end, operate as the facilitators of your shipments and are therefore heavily involved in the processing of your import cargo. Their primary responsibilities include those of a middleman, ensuring that the government provides everything required for you to properly import and export items in a safe and efficient manner. What is the proper legal standing required to engage with them? Learn what they are and are not capable of doing for you.

PART 2: Learn about the relevant evaluation criteria for a business when choosing a broker that suits your business

Any business that imports/exports goods require a broker to facilitate and expedite the process. Selecting one can be tricky, however. There are numerous players in the market who promise seemingly great services, but they might not deliver. The customs broker management course below explains exactly what you need to look out for and how to decide on an ideal broker partner.

PART 3: Provide your broker with the right document for accelerated customs clearance

In this part, we will look at the types of papers that may be required to provide the necessary instructions to brokers. We will show how this paperwork enables the proper completion of the customs declaration. We examine numerous documents in further depth.

PART 4: Learn what information your agent needs and issue effective instructions

In this part, we'll look at how to supply your broker with the necessary documents for expedited customs clearance. Are you prepared to examine and analyse the documentation required for customs clearance, as well as the critical data pieces that your broker may not always locate in the paperwork? In our second section, we'll look at other techniques for you to teach agents, such as e-mails, phone conversations, and checklists. We looked at more formal SOPs as well as how and why KPIs are created. Don't overlook the annexes, which provide examples, models, checklists, and basic construction components.

PART 5: Top tips to build long-lasting and effective work relationships with your customs agent + EXAM

Relationships of any kind, whether they be interpersonal or business-related, involve trust. And to have a successful, long-lasting relationship that builds trust takes effort on both the client's and agent's part. To begin the process of building trust with a particular customs broker, we explore simple things you can do.

Of course, there will be an "exam" at the conclusion, as well as a certificate of completion for those students who complete the course.

Next, meet LIVE!

Then meet your trainer LIVE! in a session where you can

  • ask inquiries

  • clarify the study's findings

  • go deeply into any difficulties or questions

  • apply what you've learned to your organisation with our help.

  • create a road plan of tasks to be taken

  • discuss difficult problems.

You will benefit from your skilled trainer's undivided attention as he or she assists you in understanding, clarifying, and planning the next actions. Book your training now by sending us a quick message on the Chat on or e-mail

Pass EXAM to receive your Certificate of Completion

Of course, there will be a "exam" at the end of the course, as well as a certificate of completion for those who finish it.

How will the training be delivered?

Forget about reading dull texts. Our course is jam-packed with videos, graphics, and visual aids to help you learn, as well as checklists and downloads that you can use right away in your day-to-day life. In addition, we hear directly from brokers in unique video interviews.

Book now

Let's speed up your shipment and set up a broker management system - the right way. Book your training immediately by leaving us a fast message on 's Chat or by emailing . ​

Not quite ready yet?

No problem, find out more about the need for customs broker management first. The teacher of this course, has written an excellent expert blog on the subject which is free to read:

EXPERT BLOG: Need to appoint a customs broker, agent, or representative? What to think about....

Selecting the right partner to manage your imports and exports is crucial for trade success. There are some essential points to consider, argues Arne Mielken from Customs Manager Ltd. Read the blog

There is more you can do....

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