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Customs Declarations: Decipher the meaning of documents received from your broker

(FREE) After successfully submitting a customs declaration, your broker should return a set of documents to you. Find out what they mean

The documents you can expect to receive from your broker:


This is your Export declaration. Take a look at a template.

Download PDF • 36KB

Copy for the consignor/exporter - No 3.

2. DTI-X2

This is the Export Entry Acceptance Advice. It shows a routing code.

  • Route 0: Awaiting a response from another government system before the route is determined.

  • Route 1: Requiring the supporting documentation to be examined.

  • Route 2: Requiring goods and documents to be examined.

  • Route 3: Which implies automatic clearance after a short period of time during which the documentation must be submitted and Customs have the opportunity to examine it.

  • Route 6: Paperless declaration with the entry being given immediate clearance, ie zero time out.

CHIEF does not allow clearance while the Route of an Entry is ‘E’, ‘F’ or ‘H’.

  • Route H has always applied to pre-lodged Entries (with no un-resolved Front End Credibility (FEC) failures)

  • Route E applies to Entries with stored data linked to them

  • Route F applies to Entries with unresolved FEC failures

  • Routes 2/5, 1/5 and 5 are equivalent to routes 2, 1 and 3 Entries where the method of payment includes ‘cash’.

3. Paper C88

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