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2022 EU Suspensions: 0% duty for your product! Find out how!

(S,P) EU duty suspensions are an attractive way for businesses to save duty. Consult the 2022 list of what products are free to import and explore why.

What are tariff suspensions?

In the EU, certain agricultural and industrial products are sufficiently for demand. The amount produced in the EU is inadequate or even non-existent. But because the EU still needs them, customs duties on these products have been suspended. This means these products can be imported into the Union at reduced or zero duty rates.

For these inadequate or non-existent. It is therefore in the interest of the Union to grant a total suspension of the duties on those products.

For some products, suspensions of those products are also withdrawn. Finally, where the EU wants to promote certain productions, then some duties can also be suspended.


(1) Identify which products are suspended, for which products the duty rate is going up. (2 Contact your expert to ask your questions in relation to the duty tariff suspensions.

Download the latest list

Council Regulation (EU) 2021/2278 of 20 December 2021 suspending the Common Customs Tariff duties referred to in Article 56(2), point (c), of Regulation (EU) No 952/2013 on certain agricultural and industrial products, and repealing Regulation (EU) No 1387/2013

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