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EU Sanctions: Essential Articles for Compliance + Latest Updates

Discover the ultimate collection of articles on EU sanctions, featuring the latest updates, a comprehensive guide, case studies, and more. Explore now! Date of last update 24.10.2023

EU: Lists of Sanctioned Persons & Entities - Latest Updates

The following information provides the most recent updates on the sanctions imposed by the EU against certain individuals, entities, and organizations. These updates are relevant and important, as they offer a comprehensive view of the current state of affairs regarding EU-imposed sanctions.


EU Sanctions Map: Our Use-Guide for Effective Company Implementation

The EU Sanctions Map is an extensive and up-to-date database that contains all the latest EU sanctions information. It provides a detailed overview of all EU sanctions, including individuals, entities, and countries. The map is an excellent resource for businesses that operate in the EU or trade with EU member countries.


EU Sanctions: What? How? Who?

In this comprehensive beginner's guide to the sanctions policy of the European Union, we provide detailed answers to all the essential questions surrounding EU sanctions. We cover the history of EU sanctions and their purpose, the various types of sanctions imposed by the EU, the laws and regulations governing EU sanctions policy, and the implications for businesses operating within the EU. Additionally, we offer practical guidance on what businesses can do to ensure compliance with EU sanctions and avoid potential penalties. Whether you are a newcomer to EU sanctions policy or a seasoned professional, this guide will provide you with a thorough understanding of the subject matter.


Red Flags: Real Case Studies

Are you interested in obtaining a highly informative asset that provides detailed insights into the warning signs of potential violations in sanctions compliance? This resource is designed to help you identify and address any red flags that may arise in your compliance efforts, and is sure to prove invaluable in maintaining regulatory compliance and minimizing risk.


About Customs Manager’s Customs & Global Trade Intelligence Services

The Premium Professional Legislative Monitoring Service (PLM) is a research and curation service which checks for legislative updates from official government websites based on the selected jurisdictions and topics. Paid Plan subscribers can access regular law change notifications to ensure they never miss a significant legal change on – a website dedicated to customs & trade intelligence. At the same time, they save valuable time by engaging our dedicated trade specialists to carry the monitoring out for them. Premium subscribers also unlock all content on the Customs Manager’s Ltd. website, including our Customs & Trade Blog on , providing vital thought leadership development services to empower them to trade effectively, efficiently and, of course, compliantly, across borders. Premium Subscribers can add jurisdictions and topics for an additional charge.

About Customs Manager Ltd.

We aim to empower people with import, export and transport responsibilities with helpful advice, insightful training and relevant trade intelligence services. We devote all our passion and energy to helping businesses grow faster cross-border. Working with us means having your own multilingual Customs Manager on standby to help you trade effectively, efficiently and, of course, compliantly wherever you want to go. Includes Brexit support and the ability to lodge customs declarations + Rules of Origin

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