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Famous Customs Declarations: Import Declaration from the Moon

Import and Export Declarations are a fact of life if you are trading across borders. But there are quite unique customs declarations that we have been completed that we do not wish for you to miss.

Customs declarations are used for declaring goods being imported and exported to the national customs authority. For example, in the EU there is a standardized format for imports, exports and transit declarations. The paper form has some 54 data boxes, not all used. Their completion depends on the type of entry and the goods, amongst many other pieces of information that needs to be supplied.

Today, of course, much of this information is provided in electronic form using software and moderns entry processing systems to minimize delays.

But sometimes, we find real customs declaration jewels that are noteworthy. Check out this recent "Customs Declaration" star we have found dating from 1969 when the moon mission made an "entry declaration" to bring pieces of the moon back to earth.

That is cool!

Confused about Customs Declarations? Need to complete one but don't know where to start?

We file Customs Declarations for you

We file your import, export and transit declarations into GB or NI (TSS) for you and deal with supplementary declarations, too. With our network of partners, we serve all major ports and all modes of transports, too.



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Dedicated Customs Declaration Updates

When matters relating to customs declaration change, you need to be informed. We monitor laws, legislation and guidance updates and let you know when anything changes, so you don't have to. See all the latest updates on our dedicated "customs declaration" category:

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