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Hands-On Training covering the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) - Come learn with us

Learn How to use the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) in an insightful, fun and alternative way - using blended learning and lots of examples.

As part of HMRC's plan to progressively phase down CHIEF services, two stages of functionality will be phased off. You will no longer be able to make import declarations via CHIEF on Friday, September 30th, 2022. And from Friday, March 31st, 2023, you will no longer be able to submit export declarations via CHIEF or the National Export System (NES). It's time to become familiar with the CDS system for filing customs declarations.

The biggest shakeup in Customs Filing for Decades

Let's learn about the changes when moving from CHIEF to CDS, with the first phase beginning later this year in September 2022, arguably the largest shift in customs procedures in decades.

It is high time you learned about the new customs declaration made through CDS - but this time, the right way!

“Very strong on the practical issues and thinking about key drivers for making decisions”, Sarah E., Lawyer

What you will learn

We'll go over the significance of customs declarations, as well as how they should be completed. On the new CDS, customs declarations are going to be different. We'll go through the distinctions between the CHIEF and the new CDS. We will also do a walk through all the data elements through the eight groups. Finally, there are plenty of opportunities to train, even on a live training dress rehearsal system! We do give demos of CHIEF and CDS as we have access to software to file customs declarations - we are a customs broker as well.

So, in short, what you need to learn:

  • How to navigate the UK tariff system

  • Declaration Categories

  • Data Elements.

  • Procedure and Additional Procedure Codes

  • AI codes

  • Examining existing UK customs regulations procedures

  • CHIEF and CDS are compared.

  • Document Codes and waivers

  • Declaration Completion Rules

  • Step-By-Step Guide to completing a CDS declaration

  • Declaration Scenario walkthroughs

  • Data elements explained

  • Testing on a live system

I have never used CHIEF or CDS before, is this course right for me?

You do not need to be familiar with CHIEF and how to complete declarations. If you have no prior experience with customs processes and paperwork, we will cover this too (although briefly). If you are new to customs, however, start with our Starter Training and this will go through a more detailed step-by-step advice to completing declarations and cover customs procedures and documentation.

With Customs Manager, You Learn Differently

We can do the same as everyone else. In front of a computer or other device, sit yourself down and begin receiving information overhead until your eyes begin to glaze over and you are unable to process any more information.

NO! We need to change this. And We DO!

Import and export declarations are important, as are the requirements for their fulfilment. To prepare you for the new system's changes to customs declarations, we'll go through the distinctions between CHIEF and the new CDS.

A new method of learning must be devised, one that is engaging and effective. Furthermore, one that doesn't overburden you with information. Thanks for visiting our reimagined blended learning environment.

You know, the one where you obtain it and have the money to pay for it. Do you desire a learning environment where you may study whenever and wherever you want, as well as one in which you can ask your teacher any number of questions you like? The one that allows you to go back and forth as many times as necessary?

Welcome to BLENDED CDS training.

Rather than lecturing you, we invite you to join us on a journey of discovery.

Blended learning means ONLINE & LIVE together.

Complete the online programme on CDS

Working through your CDS online programme, you have several lessons to complete, for example:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to a Customs Declaration - What is it, and why do we need it?

  • Lesson 2: What is the Customs Declaration Service and how is it set up?

  • Lesson 3: Completion Guide to Customs Declarations

  • Lesson 4: You Turn - Complete a Customs Declaration using the new CDS

For the exact training, see the course schedule on the online training programme.

A Dedicated Tutor

Your tutor is with you all the way. You get to meet her or him when you start the programme, and you can always talk to them when you want using the chat function.

They are ready to go when you are and will interact with and answer your questions and comments. Use the chat function directly from the website or Mobile App.

Explainer Videos - recorded LIVE!

Your tutor is with you all the way - we repeat! This also means watching her or him explain the concepts and ideas in videos that you can watch over and over again. It's exactly like you would receive the explanation in the live training - except now you can repeat it if you need to hear this again. And if unclear - chat with your tutor directly.

The breakdown into manageable steps

Each lesson is further broken down into manageable steps, following a logical structure. So you can immediately see how the lesson is broken down.

Quizzes and Questionnaires

Our training is unique in that it offers a high number of quizzes and questionnaires after individual steps that you need to complete before you progress. This allows interaction and requires you to learn about the step. Without understanding the content, you cannot answer the question, and you cannot move on.

We also ask you for your opinion throughout the class. Share your feedback directly with your tutor.

Final Exam and Certification

Pass a final exam and get a shiny certificate to showcase your achievement.

LIVE Tutor meeting

Every course participant will meet the tutor for a one-hour discussion on the learnings and ask any final questions.

Included in the Get a Customs Manager PRO Plan

If you have signed up for the Customs Manager PRO plan, you can study this course at no extra charge. In fact, why not get started right away? Start your 30-day trial here, or get an annual plan at a discount.


This training also exists LIVE only. Book here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.


We also come to you and deliver bespoke training. Contact us for details.


Get in touch using the chat.

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