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MRN - What is the Movement Reference Number in Customs Declarations?

(FREE) This unique identifier is essential for all customs declarations lodged in the EU or UK.

What is a Movement Reference Number (MRN)?

The MRN is a customs identification number that’s created each time a declaration is submitted for importing or exporting goods. The number generated is bespoke, allowing your goods to be uniquely linked to you. As such, it forms an important part of the audit process for your declarations.

What is an MRN like?

The MRN consists of the entry number, Entry Processing Unit number (EPU), and date].

How is the MRN assigned?

For every declaration processed, the customs system of the country in question will issue a unique MRN. This is automatically generated for all import and export declarations, including pre-lodged declarations submitted to the customs clearance system. The MRN is included in our initial notification response to the declaration submission and will be available to view in your commercial software. Should your declaration be rejected, a new MRN will be created when the declaration is successfully resubmitted.

What characters make up the MRN number?

The MRN is an 18 character ID, made up of both numbers and letters.

The 18 character MRN contains the following elements:

  • Year – the current year is noted as two digits, so 202 becomes ‘22’

  • Country code – your two-digit geographical code. For the United Kingdom, for example, this is shown as ‘GB’

  • 14 character alphanumeric reference, which is randomly generated in the customs system.

  • Year: Two digits

  • Country Code: Two digits

  • Automatically generated alphanumeric reference: 14 characters

Example: 22FR JD4DCMAM33DOI2

An MRN is unique. No two shipments can have the same MRN.

Export MRN EU Database

The EUROPA webserver provides the data as received from the different IT environments of the different countries. The data provided is for information only and is binding neither for the Commission nor for the National Administrations concerned. For specific enquiries and information regarding the contents, please contact the Customs Administration of the appropriate country.[SYS]

MRN Information is available only for international ECS movements that were completed after :

Questions and Assistance

The many customs related processes and procedures can get complicated, if you have any questions, please reach out in the chat.


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