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PEM Euromed: Which countries apply the transitional (modern) rules of origin?

Pending the final adoption of the modernized Paneuromed convention, rules are called “transitional” or “substitute” because they are optional.

They are generally more flexible than the current Paneuromed rules.

Gradually, the list of countries in the Paneuromed zone that accept these rules is growing. The EU publishes in parallel the modified “Origin” protocols for these countries.

Here are the already modified Origin Protocols.

The transitional rules of origin are listed in Appendix A:

Georgia: OJ L381 of 27.10.2021

Faroe Islands: OJ L395 of 09.11.2021

Iceland: OJ L381 of 27.10.2021

Jordan: OJ L164 of 10.05.2021

Norway: OJ L395 of 09.11.2021

Palestine: OJ L328 of 16.09.2021

Switzerland: OJEU L404 of 16.11.2021

Macedonia: OJ L406 of 16.11.2021

Moldova: OJ L27 of 8.2.2022

Montenegro: OJEU L156 of 9.6.2022

The following 3 countries have also adopted the transitional rules, but we are still awaiting the final texts.


EU-Republic of Moldova


EU-EEA (European Economic Area) as an association grouping Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein – OJEU L 114 of 12.4.2022. Updated 18.4.2022.

Learn more about the modernized Paneuromed rules

How these new rules work in practice, EU guidelines: Guidance on transitional PEM rules.

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