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SPS: How to get my GB agri-food through Northern Ireland?

Trading agri-food with Northern Ireland is a challenge when moving them from Great Britain. Here is how to get them into Northern Ireland.

There are five commercial ports in Northern Ireland (Belfast, Larne, Londonderry, Warrenpoint and Coleraine).  Except for Larne (which is privately owned by P&O) they are all public trust ports.

  1. Belfast

  2. Larne

  3. Londonderry

  4. Warrenpoint

  5. Coleraine.

Since 01 January 2021, all agri-food goods, plants and animals entering Northern Ireland from GB, must do so via a Northern Ireland Point of Entry (POE). POEs have been approved by the European Union (EU).

At the time of writing, the following ports are designate the following as POEs for the purposes of (SPS) checks:

  • Belfast Port;

  • Larne Harbour;

  • Warrenpoint Port;

  • Foyle Port; and

  • Belfast International Airport.

It is important for agri-food suppliers to verify the POEs inspection facilities and the category of goods that will be inspected at each of these facilities.

Download details of the POEs

Download the details on the POEs, their inspection facilities and the category of goods that may be inspected at each of these facilities is available at Points of Entry listings.

Northern Ireland Points of Entry listings - as of 2021 - provided by Customs Manager Ltd.
Download • 361KB

Notification of imports to a Point of Entry

Advance notice of the products arriving at the Point of Entry must be given using TRACES NT (Trade and Control Expert System). Importers or their agents must register as "Economic Operators" before they can use the system.

Authorised Traders

Authorised Traders (supermarkets and their trusted suppliers) may move goods from GB-NI under the conditions and qualifying criteria set out in Section 17.1 of the Compliance Protocol until at least 1 October 2021 - unless the deadline is extended (after this date, certification requirements will be introduced on a phased basis).


The scheme for temporary agri-food movements (STAMNI) for Authorised Traders covers products of animal origin (POAO), composite products, food and feed of non-animal origin and plants and plant products. These goods and products, when they are destined for retail sale in NI, are permitted to move under a STAMNI Compliance Declaration, alongside other requirements. These temporarily replace the need for official certification (such as Export Health Certificates, Phytosanitary Certificates, Marketing Standards Certification and Organic Certificate of Inspection).

Download instructions and more details

Authorised Traders _ Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs
Download PDF • 231KB

Changes to April 2021 composite products rules by EU

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