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Documents you need to support your Customs Declarations - What focus for Customs?

Make sure you have these documents ready when you import into your country as you could be selected for a document check. Understand what HMRC focuses on.

If your declaration is chosen for a documentary check, you must provide all supporting papers, including:

  • proof of the worth of the items (customs value)

  • Packaging list of all included goods

  • any permits or certifications

In particular, the focus will be on the following:

Focus 1: Customs declarations

You may be asked to submit copies of the import declaration and any supporting documents, with a separate entry declaration for each number.

Focus 2: Evidence of Value

You must supply sufficient paperwork to establish the entire value of the shipment.

When submitting multi-invoice declarations, transmit all invoices pertaining to each customs declaration or a one-page summary describing (for each of the goods items) the:

  • invoice number,

  • description of products,

  • the quantity of pieces,

  • and currency value

Focus 3: Packing List

  • When a declaration is supported by several packing lists, you may submit the timetable together with any other necessary papers.

Find out more about the commercial invoice and the packing list.

Keeping records

Keep all records for 4 years.

You can store documentary evidence electronically if you can produce a copy of the original document from it. You must keep paper copies that contain original stamps or watermarks, for example preference certificates.

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