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Compliant with US Export Controls! Join our Online Study Programme

Customs Manager Ltd is proud to present this online study programme for US and non-US companies, partners and subsidiaries that you can study from anywhere and anytime. Supported by a live expert tutor.


  • Six live recordings on all key aspects of export controls, more than six hours of content that you can watch when you want and where you want.

  • Ask your questions to your live tutor - available on the chat 24/7 throughout the course.

  • Exam / Quiz to consolidate your learning

  • Certification: All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

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Customs Manager Ltd is delighted to present an educational learning programme, which takes a step-by-step approach to explain the impact of US extraterritorial export controls on the activities of non-US companies, whether based in the UK, EU or elsewhere. It describes best practice in keeping risks in check and ensuring compliance with stringent US laws.

Directly apply learning to your business The six parts of this online learning programme will allow you to apply the learnings directly in your company and:

  • Identify US licence requirements

  • Apply for available licences with US authorities

  • Build an Internal Compliance Programme

…while guiding your company, suppliers, and customers through the complexity of US export controls with confidence and precision. Showcase your achievement Completion of all six sessions unlocks a quiz for consolidating learning. Once successfully passed, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion. All participants, regardless of whether they attend the complete suite of sessions, will receive a certificate of participation. Recorded expert webinars, networking groups, blog entries and much more The online course contains six live recorded webinars and can be accessed on-demand at any time. You will be enrolled on the export control professionals networking group and can fully access all expert blog entries for the duration of your study. Take a browse:

Programme: What you will learn

Session 1: Introduction to US export controls: the What? Who? Why? Where? When? How? Gain essential knowledge to be able to follow conversations and discuss with US colleagues or authorities on US export control matters. We explain the authorities' understanding of export controls and elaborate on essential definitions such as re-export, de minimis and the secondary incorporation principle. We give an overview of the Export Administration Regulations ('EAR') implemented by the Bureau of Industry and Security ('BIS'), which is part of the US Department of Commerce, and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations ('ITAR'), administered by the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls ('DDTC'), a division of the US Department of State. Session 2: Am I subject to the EAR? This is the key question that companies need to answer if they are exporting US goods. Failure to give it proper consideration may result in a violation of US export control regulations. In this session, we concentrate on how to understand and address this question. We find out about the 10 key prohibitions, and work through practical flowcharts to ensure you get it right – every time! Session 3: Dealing with US content in my exports: de minimis unlocked Are you making a product that incorporates US origin-controlled content? If so, you need a thorough grounding on de minimis rules, which determine how much US content you are permitted to incorporate before triggering the need for an export control authorisation. In this session, we look at how applicable de minimis percentages are calculated and work through practical examples. We explore the de minimis & direct product rules decision tool and the critical ‘second incorporation’ principle. Session 4: Understanding the Commerce Control List ('CCL') – once and for all Assessing whether and how your products are subject to the EAR is complex, and reading the CCL correctly requires understanding a suite of inter-related elements: the logic of classification, the constituent parts of the CCL, and its relationship to other control lists. Having such an understanding makes all the difference between applying for unnecessary licences or failing to get necessary licences, thus jeopardising US business, and developing a business-enabling licensing strategy that works for your company’s commercial goals, not against them! We examine how the CCL should be read, identify 'Reasons For Control', provide a helpful decision-making diagram, and explain the meaning of EAR99, the most common licence exceptions and country groups. Session 5: Don’t fall foul of ITT! US tech controls in focus Sharing intangible technology or software related to a US item that is controlled requires authorisation, just as though it were a physical item – which makes the regulations relating to ITT (‘Intangible Technology Transfer’) one of the most difficult areas of compliance to implement and monitor. We look at what is controlled and how, and what businesses can do to ensure that technology transfers, in all forms, are protected and controlled. We also explore the situations in which ITT is most likely to occur, the problem of intra-company transfers, business trips and deemed exports, and using The Cloud for storing controlled data. Section 6: Designing an Internal Compliance Programme to US standards US companies feel most comfortable trading with non-US companies where the latter have established an Internal Compliance Programme or Plan (‘ICP’) which meets US ICP standards – and having such a programme in place is a great way for non-US companies to showcase their understanding and compliance with US export control regulations, thus providing valuable reassurance to US partners. In this session, we explore not only the key elements of an ICP and its design, but also how to make an internal business case for investing the necessary resources to ensure it is fit for purpose and world-beating. NB: The course is focused on the US Export Administration Regulations ('EAR') and will only discuss other regulations in passing. About your instructor: Arne Mielken is Managing Director of London-based Customs Manager Ltd, which offers a range of services to help business with compliant, reliable, efficient & expedient cross-border movement of goods. Customs Manager supports businesses with the development of insightful thought leadership, global trade intelligence, continuous education and training and a wide range of support and consulting services in the area of customs, trade agreements and export controls. Arne has more than 15 years of experience with customs, export controls and global trade, having worked with the EU Commission in Brussels as well as major Big 4 consultancies in the UK. He holds a Trans-Atlantic Masters Degree from the University of Washington and worked for major American companies in the field of Global Trade Management. He currently serves on the Board of the UK Export Control Profession and lectures on export controls in German, French and Spanish.

The course runs all year long.

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