Empowering Customs Managers Worldwide

We uplift our profession by creating up-to-date, well trained and supported customs managers ready to grow global trade effectively, efficiently and compliantly.


Why a support network? 

Customs processes are becoming increasingly important parts of many businesses and the need for experienced and capable customs managers is growing.  Yet a solid support and training network is lacking!


Customs Manager need to be multi-talented People, Process and Project Managers!

The day-to-day tasks expected of customs managers are enormous, they require varied management skills.

Tasks include:  

  1. Managing and guiding the day to day activities of the customs team department 

  2. Making customs declaration

  3. Carrying out internal customs audit,

  4. Supporting recruitment and training of staff

  5. Providing regular status update reports to Board level DirectorsBuilding and maintaining strong relationships with internal stakeholders (including buying and finance), and externally with suppliers

  6. Undertaking continuous analysis of the regulatory environment, with particular regard to trade tariffs/duties and trade restrictions/requirements, and communicating them in a clear and concise way to other departments within the company

  7. Managing the liaison between regulatory bodies, trade partners and relevant internal departments

  8. Planning and managing multiple complex projects in a deadline-driven environment

  9. Understanding the objectives and the impact of projects on the business and driving solutions to business critical issues

  10. Escalating key issues to leadership proactively and in a timely manner

  11. Developing, implementing, and optimising departmental strategy, processes, systems, policies and standards.

  12. Powerful influencing and communication skills with the ability to liaise effectively with employees across all levels of the business

  13. Strong project management skills to be able to work collaboratively with a range of business departments to complete a project successfully

  14. Comfortable working with a variety of stakeholders and suppliers at all levels

  15. Previous management experience including recruiting and developing a team

  16. Ability to understand and present complex issues clearly and concisely

  17. Solid presentation skills


Continuously developing vital softs skills 


This means customs managers need to demonstrate key competence and soft skills like:

- Prioritising and decision-making

- Leadership

- Resilience

- Problem-solving

- Analytical skills

- Learning and development 

 - Working with others


How can a customs manager develop these continuously? Who will provide training in these skills in the context of the customs profession on an ongoing basis, where basic knowledge is shared free of charge?


We will!


But there is more: 


Customs Manager need to be  subject matter experts

Customs managers need to be technical customs specialists, with deep legal, technical and practical knowledge. Knowledge includes: 


- Knowledge of import processes from third countries, in particular, in particular, a clear understanding of the variety of documentation needed to clear customs
- In-depth knowledge and experience in Customs and Excise regulations
- Process focused with attention to detail
- Ability to deal with a broad range of  international customs and trade issues

  • Knowledge of

  • HS classification

  • customs valuation

  • trade agreements 

  • rules of origin

  • import and export process

  • AEO and supply chain security

  • impact of Brexit 

  • and many more



Why should Customs Managers spend time monitoring trade and customs legislation if this can be done centrally and then shared with them? Our vision is to make legislative monitoring seamless and available to all customs managers worldwide by creating relevant, up-update content. We develop this step-by-step by growing our network and support system. If you want to help, please get in touch. 


Yet Customs Managers often lack day-to-day professional support in their specific area of expertise. We urgently need to change that and empower the modern, professional customs manager! 


We formed a community of customs managers with the purpose to Support YOU to become the best  Customs Manager YOU can be!


If you are ready to join us, register your e-mail with us and we will add you to our weekly monitoring e-mail list. This will be our way to update you on legislation and customs and trade learning blogs.