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"The Customs Manager" - Our Compliance Magazine - Edition 16 - 2023 - Week 50

Welcome to the last edition of "The Customs Manager," of 2023 - packed with updates and details that you need to know about customs. We wish you a great Christmas and a happy start to 2024. We are back on 7 January 2024.

Stay fully updated this festive season with our jolly and festive content. Acquire customs and FTA insights, save more money for office Christmas parties, and ensure compliance so you can be "nice" and not "naughty" and have your Christmas presents multiplied. Discover the wonders of Christmas in the Customs Manager Magazine here.

Period covered 11.12.2023 - 19.12.2023

Please note that we will be taking a break for the Christmas holiday from 20th December 2023 until 2nd January 2024. During this time, there will be no editions of The Custom Manager published. The first edition of 2024 will be published on 8th January 2024, covering the period from 21st December 2023 to 7th January 2024.


Christmas Advent Calendar




Duty-Free (and duty reliefs) Updates & Simplifications


Export Procedures Updates



Import Procedure Updates





Transit Updates

Tariff Quotas




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NEW in 2024: Weekly Wrap-Up

Starting in 2024, we will introduce some exciting innovations to our Trade Intelligence Service. We will offer a weekly live online meet-up service called "Weekly Wrap up", which will be free for everyone to attend. During this 30-minute session, we will discuss the highlights from both Monday and Tuesday's publications and answer any questions you may have.

NEW in 2024: Lunch n'Learn

As a paid subscriber, you can access an exclusive 30-minute "Lunch 'n Learn" session every week for free, saving you 50 GBP (regular price for non-premium paid plan subscribers). This is a live training session regarding customs and/or export controls/sanctions and the agenda can be determined by the audience (but we do propose an agenda below). During this session, we will explore a specific topic in more depth every week.

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The tentative schedule for these sessions is (all times UK time - GMT) and how to book:


NEW: The New UK Veterinary Border (Afternoon Online Conference)

This afternoon's online conference discusses the preparedness of EU and UK industries and businesses for new UK SPS Veterinary Border requirements. Hear from industry, trade associations, businesses, port authorities, Border Inspection Posts and DEFRA.

Book here:



Anti-Dumping Duty Updates

Importance of This Topic For Customs Professionals (click for details)

⇒ EU: Latest ADD & CVD cases

Rubber tyres from China

Partial interim review of the anti-subsidy & anti-dumping measures on certain pneumatic tyres, new or retreaded, rubber, originating in China (CN codes ...)

Trichloroisocyanuric acid from China

  • A definitive anti-dumping duty on imports of trichloroisocyanuric acid from China

  • EU terminating the new exporter review when imposing a definitive anti-dumping duty on imports of trichloroisocyanuric acid from China, for a Chinese exporting producer, and terminating the registration of the imports of this exporting producer.

Electric bikes from China

  • EU accepts a request for new exporting producer treatment about the definitive anti-dumping measures imposed on imports of electric bicycles originating in China

Answers by EU Commission on ADD

  • Answer given by Mr Breton to a MEP written question - The Commission’s anti-subsidy investigation into imports of battery electric vehicles from China

  • Answer given by EVP Dombrovskis to a MEP written question - European anti-dumping measures targeting Chinese citric acid exporters

Iron products from Russia, Brazil and Iran

  • EU imposing a definitive anti-dumping duty on imports of certain hot-rolled flat products of iron, non-alloy or other alloy steel originating in the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation

Find out more and links to all cases

⇒ UK: Latest ADD & CVD cases

Anti-dumping duty on certain aluminium road wheels originating in China

The TRA will reconsider its recommendation to impose a countervailing duty of 4.02%, following an application from Milenyum Metal.

⇒ U.S: Latest ADD & CVD cases

ADD investigation against  Adi Chemtech for evading antidumping duty (AD) - 18.12.2023

CBP investigates Adi Chemtech for evading antidumping duty (AD) order A-570-985 on Chinese xanthan gum. CBP suspects Adi Chemtech entered US customs territory by transshipping Chinese xanthan gum through India via Prachin Chemical (Prachin). Due to this, CBP is issuing a formal NOI and implementing the following interim measures. Read more

Xanthan Gum: Evasion of ADD - case

 On December 4, 2023, CBP issued the notice of determination as to evasion for EAPA case 7794 filed by CP Kelco U.S., Inc., against U.S. importer Colony Gums Inc. (Colony Gums) for evasion of the applicable AD order A-570-985 on xanthan gum from China. Specifically, evidence ....More


Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Updates

Please also refer to our constantly updated collection of articles, guides on this topic etc:

No Update Noted (What does this mean?)


CBAM - The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism Updates

If you are interested in the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, we recommend you bookmark this link and visit it regularly. You will find all the essential guides there, plus links to webinars (1 Hour), training (4 hours) and more:

Revolutionize Your CBAM Strategy with the Ultimate 2024 CBAM Bundle: Download Now Our fantastic bundle includes essentials for EU and non-EU CBAM importers and exporters. Prepare to maximise EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) compliance while decreasing challenges. Guidelines, factsheets, and PowerPoint presentations make this bundle the ideal compliance solution. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to plan early and ensure a flawless import/export journey! Read on:

1) Frequently Asked Questions on CBAM

The Commission has prepared a Q&A document which provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about the CBAM. It covers many of the questions the EU Commission has asked over the last weeks and months. It is essential reading. Download it here

2) CBAM: Our Collection of Support Tools and Documents

Updated with latest documents that you need for CBAM implmentation. Updated 11.12.2023. Access here

3) CBAM: Help Preparing Your First Report by 31 January 2024

The transitional period of the EU's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism - CBAM has begun on 1 October 2023. In this blog entry we help you get ready for submitting your first CBAM report on 31 January 2024. Access it here


Classification Updates (Customs) - HS

  • Why staying up-to-date with customs classification matters, see here

  • Our collection of all previous updates & quizzes on customs classification, see here

  • For customs classification training, live and on-demand, see here and here.

⇒ EU

EU: Common Customs Tariff 2024 published!

The EU 2024 customs classification changes have been published. Learn about the changes and ensure accurate product classification.

The HS Classification of Smartwatches: All You Need to Know

Decoding the HS Classification of Smartwatches

⇒ UK

NEW Latest UK Trade Tariff Updates: Commodity Code Changes

Stay up-to-date with the latest UK Trade Tariff updates and commodity code changes. Get informed on the trade updates that affect your business. Last update 18.12.2023

NEW The Tariff of the United Kingdom updated

Find version 1.18, dated 11th December 2023, added

⇒ US

8479 XX: What is the classification of a recycling machine?

The U.S. Court of International Trade (CIT) issued an HTSUS classification decision yesterday, December 11, 2023 on the classification of "recycling machines, which reduce the size of waste material." All parties agreed that the equipment was classified under heading 8479, but they disagreed as to the correct subheading.


Customs Updates

You can find all of our customs updates here:

⇒ EU

Revamping the EU Customs Union: What Are the European Parliament's Plans?

The EP has drafted a draft opinion suggesting revisions to the EU's UCC proposal. Notable modifications are mentioned in the blog.

Belgium Presidency of the EU: What priorities? What action for customs & global trade?

Let's analyse the priorities of the Belgium EU Presidency for 2024

⇒ US

Ready to Submit? CBP's Customs Broker Triennial Status Report and Fee

Understanding the CBP Customs Broker Triennial Status Report and Fee

⇒ UK

UK: Declaring Reusable Packaging for Imports and Exports in Great Britain

There were updated on how to make a declaration by conduct or orally if you’re claiming Returned Goods Relief or Temporary Admission for reusable packaging.


Customs Declarations (+ CDS) - Updates

What You Need to Know About the Latest UK Customs Declaration Service (CDS) Changes

18.12.2023: Changes to Document status code RE, Changes to Document status code JP, changes to document code C100, changes to document codes C073, Y105, Y106, Y109, Y110, Y113 and Y115. Document code 9063 and more


Court Cases & Law Updates

Please also refer to our constantly updated collection of articles, guides on this topic etc:


UK Authorised (End) Use: Goods Eligible for relief from the standard duty rate Updated

The UK Customs Tariff (Preferential Trade Arrangements) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020

Navigating the Maze: Understanding Preferential Trade Arrangements and Trade Law. Date of latest update 16.12.2023


No Update Noted (What does this mean?)


No Update Noted (What does this mean?)


Duty-Free (and Duty Reliefs) & Simplifications

Learn about the steps you need to follow to operate a customs warehouse while importing goods to the United Kingdom. We have recently updated the 'How to Apply' section with more detailed information on the documents you'll need to submit with your application. You can also refer to our comprehensive guides on how to apply for customs warehousing.

No Update Noted (What does this mean?)


E-Customs Updates

EU amends UCC Work Programme

"The work programme should be updated in order to list the electronic systems

provided for in Regulation (EU) No 952/2013, the relevant Articles providing for

those systems and the dates on which they are expected to become operational. The

work programme should distinguish between the electronic systems that Member

States are to develop themselves (‘national systems’) and those that they are to

develop in cooperation with the Commission (‘trans-European systems’)". See more here


Export Procedures Updates

No Update Noted (What does this mean?)


Free Trade Agreement Updates

For all updates regarding this topic, please view regularly and bookmark:


EU signs FTA with Kenya: Access Text + Rules of Origin

Kenya finally signs interim EPA with the EU: On 18 December 2023, the President of the Kenya Republic and the President of the EU Commission met to the State House in Nairobi to sign the much-disputed EU-Kenya Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). The EU Council authorized on 12 December the EU Commission to sign the EPA with Kenya. Kenya is one of the largest economies in Africa, one of the most stable democracies in the continent, and a gateway to East Africa. The country is the second-largest trading partner of the EU in Africa, whose total trade between averaged €3.3 billion in 2022, with a surplus in the EU's favour. In particular, Kenya's exports to the EU amount to €1.2 billion, mainly represented by agricultural products with low-value additions, such as vegetables, fruits, and flowers. On the other hand, EU's exports to Kenya amount to €2.02 billion and are mainly made by high-value-added products such as mineral and chemical products and machinery. All the details, factsheets, rules of origin and legal text are here.

The EU and Chile have signed modern and ambitious trade and political agreements

These agreements will create new economic opportunities for both the EU and Chile sides, promote shared values, like commitments on human rights, sustainable trade and gender equality and facilitate cooperation between the EU and Chile as like-minded partners on global issues. Details including Rules of Origin Analysis here

Statement by President von der Leyen on the signature of the EU-Chile Advanced Framework Agreement and Interim Trade Agreement - see also the Remarks of EVP Dombrovskis

EU Extends GSP

The European Commission has amended Implementing Regulation (EU) 2022/1039 to extend the suspension of certain tariff preferences granted to certain GSP beneficiary countries. The regulation suspends tariff preferences for products originating in a GSP beneficiary country when the average value of Union imports exceeds the thresholds listed in Annex VI. The suspension of certain tariff preferences is extended to the standard three-year period set out in Article 8, paragraph 3 of Regulation (EU) No 978/2012. Details & the law here

EU reports on progress on EU-Indonesia FTA

The 16th round of negotiations for an EU-Indonesia Comprehensive Economic Partnership

Agreement (CEPA) was held in the week of 4 December 2023 in Brussels. Discussions covered a broad range of areas under negotiation, with 15 working groups holding sessions – and 2 more working groups meetings. Results here.

Tuvalu to join the IPA with the Pacific States

Proposal for a Council Decision on the accession of Tuvalu to the Interim Partnership Agreement between the European Community, of the one part, and the Pacific States, of the other part - see the Annex


Update on the third round of negotiations for an enhanced UK-Switzerland Free Trade Agreement.

The third round of negotiations on a UK-Switzerland enhanced Free Trade Agreement (FTA) took place from 27 November to 14 December. During the round, which was held virtually, UK officials held technical, text-based discussions with their Swiss counterparts in several areas, such as procurement, investment, small-medium enterprises, sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures and animal welfare. UK negotiators were able to make significant progress and agree on draft treaty text across several areas. There were good discussions on services and investment, where the UK is working with the Swiss to provide long-term certainty and greater market access for UK-Swiss service suppliers, boosting bilateral trade in this area worth £23.7 billion. In other chapters, negotiators used this round to explore differences to approaches and consider ways to address them, while delivering against negotiation objectives. Overall, these discussions reflect the UK and Switzerland’s shared ambition to agree a modern, comprehensive agreement, building on the current UK-Swiss trade relationship. Conversations are set to continue into round four, scheduled for spring 2024, where the UK side expects to continue productive discussions. The Government will make its next statement on progress following the fourth round.

His Majesty’s Government remains clear that any deal we sign will be in the best interests of the British people and the UK economy. Any organisations or individuals interested in speaking to the Department for Business and Trade about negotiations with Switzerland should do so by emailing

UK: Preferential Tariffs and Rules of Origin of UK Free Trade Agreements updated

Stay ahead of the game by taking advantage of the UK's updated preferential tariffs and Rules of Origin for free trade agreements, many applicable from 2024


Import Procedure Updates

No Update Noted (What does this mean?)


Northern Ireland Trade Updates

For all updates regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol and the Windsor Framework, please view and bookmark:

EU: A definitive safeguard measure on imports of certain steel products (Northern Ireland)

A tariff-rate quota (TRQ) is a safety measure the Union uses on steel imports. Within a limit based on past trade flows, imports are allowed duty-free. Regulation 2020/2170 was changed by Commission Delegated Regulation 2023/2777 so that Union tariff rate limits would apply to certain steel goods sent to Northern Ireland. The appropriate TRQs can be used to treat stainless steel hot-rolled sheets and strips, cold-rolled sheets and strips, rebars, large welded tubes, and non-alloy wire. The new designated TRQs are only used for goods coming from the UK. They don't change the current TRQs for goods coming from other countries.


Novice ("Help" I am New to Customs & Global Trade") - the column for newbies

Welcome to the customs newbies section! Our goal is to provide you with bite-sized information and updates to encourage continuous learning and spark your interest in customs and global trade. Join us and learn new things every day. Don't forget to check out our constantly updated collection of articles and guides on this topic.

Trade Compliance: A Comprehensive Guide for Custom and Global Trade Managers to Identify Red Flags.

Uncovering Red Flags: A Comprehensive Guide to Trade Compliance for Customs and Global Trade Managers.

The Ins and Outs of Free Carrier Incoterms (FCA) 2020

Demystifying Free Carrier (FCA) Incoterms 2020: Everything You Need to Know


Origin (Rules of)

Transitional rules of origin provide for diagonal cumulation

The EU has published the updated transitional rules of origin, providing for diagonal cumulation between the applying Contracting Parties in the pan-Euro-Mediterranean (PEM) zone. Download the latest matrix and explainer how to read here.


Prohibitions & Restrictions

No Update Noted (What does this mean?)


Transit Updates

Read the collection of all articles on this topic here

How to Resolve Goods Movement Reference Errors on NCTS 5 Transit Accompanying Document Movement Reference Number

Maximizing Your Export Efficiency: Why You Should Opt for DUCR Over MRN According to HMRC

Tariff Quota Updates

Sheep and Goatmeat quota from Chile

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2023/2791 of 13 December 2023 amending Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1988 as regards the quantities that may be imported under certain tariff quotas for sheepmeat and goatmeat following the Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Chile. Download the law here.

UNCTAD (Global Trade Update)

Global trade patterns are increasingly influenced by geopolitics, with countries showing preferences for politically aligned trade partners, a trend termed "friend-shoring".

The trend has become more pronounced since late 2022, according to UNCTAD's latest Global Trade Update. Meanwhile, the geographical proximity in international trade - nearshoring or far-shoring - has remained relatively stable. The report also highlights a marked increase in trade concentration. "There has been an overall decrease in the diversification of trade partners, indicating a concentration of global trade within major trade relationships."


Valuation (Customs)

Read the collection of all articles on this topic here

Unlocking the Mysteries of Binding Valuation Information in EU Customs: ECCE Seminar

Unpacking the Significance of Binding Valuation Information in EU Customs Law: Insights from ECCE's Debut Session


Veterinary Border & SPS controls updates

If you are looking to stay informed about the latest developments in veterinary border and SPS controls, we have got you covered. Our collection of weekly articles is a comprehensive resource that provides in-depth coverage of veterinary controls in the EU, UK, and the US. In our articles, you can find detailed information about the latest regulations, policies, and procedures related to veterinary border and SPS controls. We cover a broad range of topics, including SPS and veterinary border and controls. Our team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that our articles are up to date and accurate, so you can trust the information you are reading. Whether you are a veterinarian, animal health professional, or policy maker, our collection of articles is an invaluable resource that can help you stay informed about the latest developments in veterinary border and SPS control:

A list of countries that can provide validated PDF certificates

We have published a list of countries (including those not using the TRACES system), that can provide validated PDF certificates for imports of live animals and animal products.

GB currently accepts validated PDF certificates from TRACES for live animal imports. From 31 January 2024, validated PDF certificates for animal products will be accepted from TRACES and other Member State systems that are listed in the guidance. For animal products, countries that use TRACES solution must only provide PDFs through TRACES NT. Countries not using TRACES can provide PDF’s through their respective competent authority systems.

The validated PDF solution is currently only available to approved EU member states and EFTA countries. It will remain possible to utilise paper certificates as an alternative to a validated PDF. For a detailed overview of each country and the applicable system for issuing health certificates, please visit here.

Importing POAO into GB from EU/EFTA: A Guide to Creating a CHED Part 1 Notification (Part 1)

Importing animal products from the EU to GB: New CHED Part 1 notification - Webinar on 11 January 2024. Book here

Extension of deadline to apply for funding to build border control posts for live animal imports

The UK government has relaunched its Animal Biosecurity Infrastructure Fund to increase capacity for live animal import checks for maritime trade routes in England (excluding Kent). Eligible businesses can apply now to build a BCP (Border Control Post) for the import of live animals from the EU until the extended date of 20 December.


World Customs Organisation Updates (WCO)

The World Customs Organization (WCO) is a hub of activity with regular updates, insightful reports, and informative conferences being published every week. To keep yourself abreast of the latest developments at the WCO, you can bookmark this link and visit it regularly. This will help you stay informed and up-to-date about the latest happenings in the customs world.

Strategic Trade Control Enforcement Implementation Guide

The Strategic Trade Control Enforcement Implementation Guide has been the backbone of the STCE programme since its inception in 2016. The latest update of the Guide is currently available in English, and it contains, among other things, updated HS codes of strategic commodities, as well as new Annexes on Post Control Audit and Investigations. Other language versions will follow in 2024. Details and download:



World Trade Organisation (WTO)

MC13 Chair briefs members on ministerial preparations

At a 13-15 December meeting of the WTO’s General Council, members heard from the Chair of the 13th Ministerial Conference (MC13), H.E. Dr Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of State for Foreign Trade of the United Arab Emirates, on preparations for MC13, which will take place in Abu Dhabi in February 2024. Members also approved a budget increase for the WTO Secretariat for the 2024/2025 biennium following 12 years of zero nominal growth.

DG Okonjo-Iweala: It’s time to “dramatize” Geneva to deliver concrete outcomes for MC13

In her report to a meeting of the WTO’s Trade Negotiations Committee (TNC) on 12 December, Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala said it was incumbent upon WTO members to deliver concrete outcomes at the upcoming 13th Ministerial Conference (MC13) in Abu Dhabi next February. To achieve this, negotiators “need to conclude as much of the negotiations we can in Geneva” before the start of MC13.


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